Lady Gaga in Chelsea

I’m starting to resent Life of The Kid. Not because I have any intention of giving up on my six month content commitment, but I spend virtually all my time managing the site and finding cockamamie ways to market LOK. I ranted about the latter on the Doormat of Social Media post last week, so let’s at least pose a new champagne problem for discussion. I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m just annoyed I can’t write nearly as much as I did before site launch. There used to be a time I’d wake up on a Saturday write 1,000 words, order a redeye and do another 1,000 before rewriting everything at least twice before bed. Now, I’m lucky to bang out 500 after editing some script I wrote when I was 21.

To contextualize, I went over to my friends’ apartment today: George and Vicky. They’ve supported The Kid for a couple years now, always asking about my writing and pushing for me to push it to the public. But then they asked me something which made me cringe: so are you working on anything new?

In short, the answer is yes. Part 2 of What Was i Thinking? Gwyn’s part. I teared up working on it since it reminds me of my mom. Specifically, how she’d make me feel better when I called asking the same types of question Scotty poses in Part 1, Beyond editing some pieces for Island of Misfit Toys and the Blog, I developed a concept for a series of shorts based off the Netflix show Easy and going from Point A to Point B in a city.

In a lot of ways, what makes New York amazing is what happens en route to places. Absurd things you see and hear. My personal favorite, I was walking through Central Park and this girl says to her friend: He is either clueless or doesn’t give a shit about me and I’d like to think it’s not the latter.

So it would be a series of ten segments featuring different characters across different ages and demographics. Said differently, folks who wouldn’t regularly interact in a context other than traveling around this absurd island. Subways, grocery stores, public parks. And the underlying message would be the most interesting things happen before you get where you’re going.

I haven’t started writing that yet, though. I need to finish Gwyn first. But when George and Vicky asked me about future works, I started feeling incredibly anxious. There are so many potentially amazing stories and I haven’t written nearly enough of them. Some rough ideas include:

– Second installment in the What Was I Thinking? trilogy, tentatively titled Ballad of a Lost Playboy 

– Novel tentatively titled Strip Club, tracking three storylines in a burlesque parlor over the course of one evening

– Season 2 of Deconstructing Fame, a parody about The Kid and his friends desperately trying to go viral, but it never working out

En Route to Somewhere – the series of shorts mentioned above

– Monday – a feature about a young couple having a surreal experience independent of one another. Dives, armed robberies and masquerade. All on a Monday night and ultimately bringing them closer together.

– Guernica – a feature exploring the relationship between a Spanish dictator and an aspiring artist

Three Stories – a feature about a merchant killing an aristocrat and the crime follows him for three lifetimes

Power of a Dollar – Non-Fiction book servicing as an expose for the financial industry, highlighting how a minimum wage worker supports hedge fund extravagance

The Brownstone – a feature following eight presumed strangers in the real world, who turn out to be anything but at a brownstone party after midnight (George’s idea)

So I guess the good thing is there’s plenty to look forward to doing. But time… The Kid needs time to master his craft. I bought a Lady Gaga t-shirt en route to their apartment in Chelsea.

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