LOK: January Stats

We completed our first month of LOK and I’m celebrating by introducing more “out there” content. But before I get side tracked, thank you so much for supporting this project. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be working and creating this every day and getting constant encouragement. A lot of folks have been asking how’s it going and figured it made sense to share the numbers. So without further ado…

On average, 25 users visit www.lifeofthekid.com per day. The max was 67 (first day of launch) and it’s gone 50 or higher on two other occasions. Would be cool to get it over 100 someday, but we shall see.

This is an interesting chart because it’s unclear whether the daily user average is driven by the day of the week (i.e. folks aren’t as inclined to be going to LOK on Tuesday because they are busy at work) or the content on that particular day (i.e. folks aren’t as interested in reading screenplay as they are novel). However, it should also be noted that my biggest “get out the LOK” efforts have taken place on Sunday via the opening e-mail and newsletter campaigns. So it’s unsurprising that’s helped driven Sunday to average 51 users, or approximately 2x the LOK daily average.

I compared the LOK figures to a composite of art and entertainment sites, totally 7,180 different domains on Google Analytics. Now it’s likely that some of these sites are ghost towns and I’m not exactly going up against Youtube here, but the LOK sessions (meaning number of times users went to the site) was nearly twice the industry average.

On average, 47% of users who went to the site exited after one click. Now, I think that figure is slightly artificially inflated because I try to send out specific pages (i.e. Charley’s Revenge) to attract interest versus just sending out the home page and crossing my fingers, but it’s not bad compared to the industry average of 55%.

So nearly half of The Kid’s visitors peace after one click… but how long do they stay? Just over 3 minutes. This might not seem like much, but it’s actually pretty decent compared to the industry average of around 1 minute and fifty-something seconds.

Last graph… 3 clicks per session, just above the industry average. So it probably goes: chapter, home page and clicking the store to see there’s nothing there…. yet. LOK gear… it’s coming.


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